The Dark Side of Healing No One Talks About.

Healing is not linear and looks different for everyone. But from experience, I can tell you it’s one of the most rewarding things you could ever do for yourself.

Kennedy Wren


When you scroll through certain social media apps such as TikTok or IG reels in the self-care or personal — development sections, what do you see?

Most likely it's people having amazing workout routines, eating well-balanced meals, practicing meditation. Not to mention the epic dream vacations their on as they write in their journals smiling into the horizon. And miraculously, they’re this new and improved person when they get through with all of it.

Even though that all seems amazing, it’s a glamorized version of what healing emotional or spiritual trauma looks like. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of yourself in all aspects of wellness is good and very important and can totally be a part of it ( I’m doing the same thing myself.)

But when you’re really getting down to the bottom of things, you’ll find that healing is dark, revealing, angering, and at times isolating and sad.

People don’t like to show that part of the healing journey so much because it’s not sexy or aesthetically pleasing in any way. In fact, it can bring out some parts of you that you suppressed or didn’t even know you had.

For me, I realized I was still extremely heartbroken from an unresolved relationship, and battling a ton of guilt, jealously, and anger issues.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What I learned during all of this was I had to get rid of everything that no longer served me in this season of my life, and things that weren’t conducive to me in my healing journey.

Some of those things were the following:

- Cutting off friendships and family members with toxic traits.



Kennedy Wren

God has completely healed me from Mental Illness. Now I share my life experiences living in total freedom as a Prophetic Pastor.